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NYSBCA Partners with BUSING on the LOOKOUT
Human traffickers are counting on people not paying attention and not knowing the signs to look for or the questions to ask. If every bus driver and employee could be trained to identify the signs of human trafficking and how to report it effectively, imagine how many victims could be recovered and, potentially, how many traffickers could be arrested!

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2020-21 NYSED State Aid Handbook

See pages 25-29 for transportation aid.


Kathy Furneaux, Executive Director of the Pupil Transportation Safety Institute, created a presentation, Preparing Drivers and Attendants for Prevention - Cyber-Bullying and Student Suicide, for our Annual Convention that explores how bullying is occurring in technology and what it means for bus drivers.  

Counter-terrorism Efforts in Pupil Transportation

Not all criminals are terrorists, but all terrorists are criminals. Addressing security vulnerabilities for one also closes the gap for the other! Presentation handouts from David Cooper, Industry Engagement Manager of the Office of Security Policy & Industry Engagement.

Contract Models

When most people think of outsourcing transportation, they envision the full-service business model, where the school bus company provides everything from buses to route creation. Increasingly, though, school districts are working with contractor partners to design outsourcing models that are more appropriate for their needs.  

Conversion Success

It's taken a long time to convince your customer that contracting is in their best interest in order to save money. Now, it's time for the conversion. Are you prepared?

Cost-Analysis Spreadsheet

Trying to find out if school bus contracting will actually save the district money? Download the Cost-Analysis Spreadsheet, fill in each line and find out what savings you can receive.

Employee Handbook Sample

When an employee handbook is written correctly, it will clearly define the expectations of employees and management. The employee handbook can also be a vital tool in helping to protect the company against unfair and/or inconsistent treatment and discrimination or other legal claims.

National School Bus Safety Week Resource Guide and Activity Booklet

National School Bus Safety Week is an active and evolving public education program designed to promote school bus safety. For many years, school districts throughout the country have been observing a School Bus Safety Week. The National Association for Pupil Transportation, the National School Transportation Association and the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services joined forces to form the National School Bus Safety Week Committee and coordinate School Bus Safety Week activities throughout the country. Find out how you can get involved by reviewing the resource guide above.

Public Relations

Everyday interesting and potentially newsworthy things are happening within your company and in your industry. Your company may be implementing new training to improve safety, introducing cutting-edge technologies to improve service, or just recognizing an employee for exemplary service. The Public Relations portion of the website is designed to give you a basic understanding of: how to spot a newsworthy story, how to draft a professional news advisory and release and how to talk to journalists.

Quickie Elections and Other Impactful Labor Board Developments

Richard D. Landau is a Partner in White Plains and Albany, NY offices of Jackson Lewis. and was named one of the top 100 Labor Attorneys in the United States by the Labor Relations Institute. Find out about the newly passed “Quickie Election” rule effective April 15, 2015 which allows unions to get votes held within 10 days  (currently it takes 6 WEEKS) of filing a petition with the Labor Board to obtain representation of your employees.  Second are the recent Labor Board decisions expanding employee rights to engage in union activity on company time and through company email systems.  In brief summary, if our member companies do not respond lawfully and quickly to these new challenges, unions may easily sweep in and gain representational status.