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Senate Budget Summary

March 12, 2024 4:41 PM | Tammy Mortier (Administrator)

Senate One-House Budget Bills Released on 03/11/24

Summary of provisions of interest to NYSBCA

Aid to Localities (S.8303-B)

  • The Senate modifies the Executive recommendation of $44.9 billion, and adds $1.2 billion, for a total $46.1 billion, as follows:

  • Rejects: - All Executive changes to Foundation Aid, including the elimination of "hold harmless" and redefining inflation. Redirects: - $100 million in unallocated funds to the school-aid run.

  • Adds: $5 million for transportation after 4pm.

Article VII Proposals (S.8306-B)

The Senate modifies the Executive proposal related to school aid to:

  • Expand the proposal that excludes Environmental Bond Act funds for the transition to zero emission buses from being considered revenue, by also excluding federal funds for the conversion.

  • Establish a zero-emission bus agency leadership level-working group to spearhead the implementation of the transition to zero-emission school buses.

  • Extend reimbursement, currently available to small city, central, common, and union free school districts, for the transportation of students below the current 1.5-mile limit when the State Education Department deems there is a safety issue to the Big 5 school districts.

  • Increase funding for school transportation after 4pm in New York City.

  • NEW PART YY -- The Senate advances language directing the Department of Financial Services to create a captive insurance program for commuter vans, black cars, ambulettes, paratransits, and small school buses, which works based off of S.8432.

  • PART K -- The Senate modifies the Executive's proposal to create a Stretch Limousine Passenger Safety Act by advancing the Senate's Stretch Limousine Passenger Safety Package which includes required safety equipment and features, mileage or age based phase outs for limousines, pre-trip safety briefings, an update to the limo safety website, increased fines for operating a limo with an out of service defect, and the extension of the Stretch Limousine Passenger Safety task force (S.1443-A, S.1442, S.1367, S.1368, S.1370-A, S.1371, S.8376).

  • The Senate additionally supports extending the school bus camera enforcement program authorization, which helps keep our children safe from the dangers of vehicles illegally over-passing stopped school buses.

  • PART I -- The Senate modifies the Executive's proposal to authorize the City of New York to lower citywide speed limits from its current authorization of 25 miles per hour down to 20 miles per hour, and to lower school zone speed limits and traffic calming "slow zones" from 15 miles per hour to 10 miles per hour, to replace it with Sammy's Law (S.2422-B).

  • NEW PART WW -- The Senate advances language to require all public transit operators that receive State assistance to purchase only zero-emissions buses and related equipment beginning January 1, 2029. This legislation also requires a best-value contracting framework to evaluate bids to promote higher wages and benefits and requires the development of a plan to train or retrain impacted auto workers (S.6089).

  • NEW PART EEE -- The Senate advances language to require New York City to establish scramble crosswalks between the hours of 8AM and 4PM near school zones on weekdays (S.2515-C).

  • PART M -- The Senate modifies the Executive proposal to sunset the State's COVID-19 Sick Leave Law on July 31, 2024, by continuing such benefits for employees that work in facilities licensed under Article 28 of the Public Health Law.

  • NEW PARTY -- The Senate advances language to reduce the period from which striking workers are eligible to receive unemployment insurance benefits as a result of a labor dispute from two weeks to one week (S.4402).

  • Article VII Proposals (S.8305-B) * PART N (WORKERS COMP)

    • The Senate modifies the Executive proposal to increase short-term disability leave benefits by implementing a progressive benefit structure over a three-year period and amends employee contributions provided that in no case shall employee contributions exceed $2.20 per week. The Senate also temporarily exempts workers and employers covered by a current collective bargaining agreement (CBA) until the expiration of such agreement (amended version of S.2821-B).

    • NEW PART III -- The Senate advances language to expand workers' compensation coverage for work-related post-traumatic stress disorder (S.6635).

    • NEW PART Z -- The Senate advances language to allow either party to a Workers' Compensation claim to request a hearing and to require a record of all hearings held (S.8445-A).

NYSBCA’s government relations team is still reviewing the NYS Assembly one-house budget provisions and will release a separate summary shortly. If you have any questions in relation to any of the provisions above please reach out to Brad Gerstman at for more information.

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